About Us

The Quinn Center for Performing Arts is a professional dance and performing arts center for girls and boys ages 2 through 18. At the Quinn Center, children learn transferable skills and performance techniques which will enhance their lives in the studio and beyond. The Quinn Center was founded by ErykaLynn Waller in 2018 and is named in memory of Quinn Robert Payne, who was adopted into her family in 2001. Quinn’s winning smile and sweet nature made all he encountered smile too. ErykaLynn saw Quinn as a ray of light, hope, peace, and love. They shared a special bond and regularly sang silly songs together and danced to the ChaCha Slide.

Sadly, Quinn passed away in 2003, due to complications of meningitis. Despite the devastating experience of loss experienced by the family, Quinn’s death did not arrest the impact of his smile in the lives of others. Quinn’s mother, Robyn (Payne) Murphy donated his organs through the Gift of Life Foundation. 

In Quinn’s memory, ErykaLynn, wrote and performed two one woman shows entitled “2Q.” ErykaLynn always dreamed of starting a performing arts center. In 2018, she decided to launch her dream and dedicate it to Quinn. The Quinn Center for Performing Arts will donate to two causes; adoption and organ donation. Ten percent of the proceeds from annual recitals will be donated to the Gift of Life Family House in honor of Quinn Robert Payne. The Quinn Center for Performing Arts will also  promote adoption and support efforts in the community. While participation in the Quinn Center for Performing Arts will teach young people to embrace their uniqueness and hone their gifts, it will also provide the opportunity to give hope, life, and love to others!