About the 2Q Dance Co.

The 2Q Dance Company is The Quinn Center for Performing Arts Center’s traveling team. Auditions for the 2Q Dance Company are by INVITATION ONLY. The 2Q Dance Company will learn routines from various genres and perform at our annual recitals and outside opportunities. Dancers must be in the 7th grade to audition. Dancers must adhere to the following requirements in order to participate:


· Dancers must take (3) hours of class per week; Dancer MUST take ballet.

· Dancers will rehearse from 3:30pm – 5:00pm every Saturday

        - Sunday 1:00pm – 3:00pm will be used for extra rehearsals leading up to competition and       


· Dancers are only permitted to miss (1) company rehearsal per month

· Dancers cannot have any grade lower than a “C” on their report card

· Dancers must turn in their report card after every quarter

· Parents must pay $100.00 for company dues in the months of January, June, and September

· Dancers are NOT permitted to miss any MASS REHEARSALS or SHOWS


If you desire to have our company perform at an event, please contact us at